Monday, 13 April 2015

Girls love diggers too. Diggerland: a review.

We were given the opportunity to go to Diggerland recently and I knew D would absolutely love it so a couple of weekends ago we headed down to Kent and went to see what it was all about

Im all for honest reviews so I must admit I couldn't get my head around a digger themed attraction but seeing Daisy's grin as we walked through the gates and the many many happy faces of adults and kids made it clear that they got it and D for one was super excited.

For those who don't know Diggerland is an adventure park with rides and attractions made from diggers, tractors and dumper trucks. Both Adults and Kids get to ride and control REAL construction machinery as well as enjoy the rides created from diggers. 

At a metre tall D is just big enough to use the rides as long as she's with an Adult so Mr R got to play diggers as well. D loved it and despite the cold got stuck in proving that Diggers are very much for girls as well as boys! 

The weather however wasn't on our side and the wind was bitter so we didn't get the opportunity to experience as many rides as we'd have liked to, however D was more than happy with a hot choc and soft play stop so we could escape the wind for a while. Like many family attractions Diggerland has an indoor soft play area for the kids which we spent some time in while we had a drink and warmed up. My only criticism would be that the soft play area and the cafe felt a little underwhelming  compared to the rest of the park. However the facilities were really good and staff throughout the park were helpful and friendly.

The concept of Diggerland is fab, so unique and a real change from the usual theme parks. Daisy loved them and I feel had she had been a bit bigger she would have loved it even more as she would have been able to ride without an adult. The park itself is really accessible and having F with us I was left holding the baby (literally!) for most of the day but could always see D on the rides and didn't feel left out.

For me best thing about Diggerland is it is unique, there is simply nothing like that out there, we have visited a fair few attractions aimed at kids and families and this stands completely alone in what it offers and having two girls it might not seem like the most obvious choice for a day out but why should't it be - girls love Diggers too!

We were given complimentary tickets to the Park in Kent in return for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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