Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bye Bye Nappies, Hello Potty!

We've unintentionally started potty training D this week on a casual basis and being at home for 4 full days over Easter we decided to go for it and have her in knickers as much as possible. 

I have to say I've been really impressed with how well she's got on, yes if course we've had accidents but on the whole I'm feeling pretty confident about her weeing in the potty at least. We still have a bit of work to do with poos but I've been told this can take longer so we're trying really hard to make sure D doesn't feel any pressure. 

I think having not really planned to start yet means we've been able to be really relaxed about the whole potty thing, we're not allowing ourselves to have unrealistic expectations of D and hopefully she's not feeling too stressed either. I know training can be a super stressful time for toddlers and too much pressure can actually be detrimental so we're definitely going for a 'never mind, next time in the potty' attitude and it seems to be working - Dissspointingly D seems pretty non plussed by the whole thing while I'm dancing around the house doing the wee wee / poopy dance ! 

I think part of the success has also been in finding a potty D is comfortable with - she's a big girl and pretty tall so was finding some of the basic style potties uncomfortable. Just before starting we bought a Baby Bjorn potty chair and we're super pleased with it, the size is great and I can see she's sitting comfortably on it. The seat has a removable potty which Daisy loves as she can pour her wee into the toilet herself and flush it away. From my point of view it's really easy to clean as well. The potty isn't the cheapest on the market at £20 - 25 but I can see it lasting and we intentionally bought a neutral colour so it can be used for the next baby. 

I didn't want this post to be 'hurrah we've cracked potty training' post because it's far too early for that but as a proud mummy I couldn't resist blogging about how well she's doing so far. Let's hope it's won't be long till that 'we've cracked it' post! 

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Hunt For Maternity Clothes Has Begun!

So I've reached 16 weeks now and being my second pregnancy my bump is already making an appearance. So the time has come to start the dreaded task of hunting for maternity clothes. 

One of the most frustrating things I find about maternity clothes shopping is that a lot of the stores only stock online, anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that no pregnant body is the same and therefore buying clothes without being about to try them on is a gamble at best and disaster at worst! 

Thankfully I still have a pair of pretty good fitting gap jeans from my first pregnancy but other than that I borrowed a lot of clothes so need the basics at the very least. For good quality, good prices stuff I found New Look to be the best, I ordered a few t shirts, and a pair of their super soft skinny jeans recently and other than the bump band on the jeans being a bit big at the moment I'm really pleased with them. 

 I have also bought a couple of bits from Next the top is a great fit but unfortunately the chinos I bought are crazy low and if it wasn't for the fact I love the fit elsewhere they would have gone back (I'm just hoping a well fitted long line vest will spare the world of an unflattering glimpse of my behind!)

So this weekend I started the challenge to beat all challenges - I'm heading to a wedding in May and need a dress. So I started having a look at all the usual websites and frankly was uninspired, a lot of maternity dresses are seriously frumpy or the trendier ones on websites like ASOS look too short for me - I'm 5.7 and having a little one to look after I do prefer something that covers my bum! 

I've spotted Seraphine and seen some lovely dresses there, but nothing that really wowed me, apart from the super expensive range which I can't warrant on a dress I'll only wear once! Then the lovely All about Mummy Recommended Envie de fraises a French company with a really large range of dresses (and other clothes) which so far look pretty fashionable and totally wearable - I'm guessing French women aren't prepared to sacrifice style for pregnancy. I haven't decided on a dress yet but am feeling a bit more optimistic, if I find one I love I'll be sure to write a review. 

I still feel like I'm just dipping my toe into the whole maternity wear thing at the moment as I can still fit into some of my regular clothes but I'm sure there'll be more hurdles as I try and find my summer wardrobe, I haven't even thought out Maternity / Nursing bras yet and remember that bing a total headache last time. So I guess this isn't going to be my last maternity clothes post - you've got lots more moaning to look forward and if you're lucky a helpful recommendation!

The 16 and a bit week bump shot! 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Easter Crafts and Runny Noses!

I had booked today off work and planned to have a day relaxing, catching up on sleep and generally doing stuff it's hard to do with a toddler in tow. The toddler however had different ideas, on my way home from work last night I got a call from her childminder to say D is coming down with a cold and it looks like her conjuctivitis is back, so she shouldn't be in tomorrow. Who needs sleep anyway?!

Neither of us have a lot of get up and go today so it seemed like a good time to start a bit of Easter crafting, first on the list - cards!

Bit poorly but not letting it get in the way of creativity! 

Getting there with a bit of help from mummy

Final result, Complete with finger print chicks!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hello Second Tri....

Tomorrow I am officially in my Second trimester so I thought it is high time I got my act together and started my pregnancy blog. The last 3 months have been pretty much what I expected with this being my second pregnancy, I had some morning sickness with D but it has stepped up a gear this time round, probably due to the tiredness. I certainly underestimated how much harder it is to be pregnant with a toddler in tow. I can fondly remember the first 3 months with D, coming come from work and having a nap, long lazy mornings at the weekend – none of these are particularly easy with an energetic 2 year old.

On the plus side having a happy go lucky toddler who really doesn’t understand morning sickness has it’s positives, it’s difficult to wallow in self pity when she’s standing behind you as you are reintroduced to your breakfast, shouting “come dance with me mummy it’s party time” 

I've also noticed I'm much bigger, much earlier this time round, I'm already cracking out the maternity jeans as I can barely contain my chub in my regular jeans. It may also have something to do with the fact that I am currently taking grazing to a whole new level and will pretty much eat all day if I can but I’m standing by the excuse this is a very big baby! 

All in all it’s been a pretty happy and healthy 3 months but I am certainly looking forward to the promised land of boundless energy, no sickness and glowing skin which the second trimester so confidently promises, however I have a sneaking feeling those promises are not made by a tired mother with a full time job, an hour commute into London and a 2 year terrorist hijacking her sleep! That said I will try to be optimistic, bring on the next 3 months! 

I do plan to do a separate blog on some of the aspects of pregnancy that have got me thinking this time round such as the endless list of forbidden foods and the impossible task of shopping for maternity jeans but for now I’ll just leave you with this...... Baby Pip.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Daisy's promotion

So after over two years of serious play, endless verses of 5 current buns and hundreds of bowls of Cheerios we've come to the decision that Daisy deserves a promotion

As of September 2014 she will take on the very important role of Big Sister

Her main duties involve

General big sister bossiness

Ensuring that mummy cuddles are equally distributed at all times

Rescuing all important toys and books from slobbery baby jaws

Sneaking a sly suck on babies dummy when mum and dad are out of the room

Helping mum change the babies nappy except when it's a yucky poop

I have every confidence in her abilities to excel in her new role and be be the best big sister baby Pip could ask for.


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Toddler Bento Box Ideas

Ds always taken a packed lunch to the childminders (something I've always preferred, as a bit of a control freak it means I know what she's eating every day) we recently got a fabulous little Bento lunchbox from Munchkin and I thoughti would share some of our lunch ideas. 
I generally try to keep her lunches healthy but a little treat sneaks in every now and then ;)

Pitta and Hummous......

Pizza and vegetables.....

Teddies and Monster cheese.....

Stars and a cheeky snack bar......

Valentines lunch.......


Sunday, 2 March 2014


Mummy what you putting your shoes on for?

Because we are going out


Because we need to go shopping


Because we need food


Because we've eaten all the food and need to get some more?


So we don't get hungry?


Because we need to eat food so we can be big and strong

Mummy what you putting your shoes on for?