Friday, 25 November 2016

Cooking With My Little Fussy Eater

So little legs has started going through a bit of a fussy faze with food. She still eats enough but definitely picks and chooses - I find myself excusing her with "she's got a cold" "probably her Molars" etc but I'm not kidding anyone - those molars don't seem to have any problems munching through a bowl of strawberries or a slice of chocolate cake. Funnily enough the cold hasn't stopped her recent requests for hot chocolate and tea cake every time we pass a coffee shop

I have to just face it, she's decided she's in charge of what she eats and she is well aware of the good stuff. As much as I like to encourage independence and opinion it's apparently my job to ensure this tiny feral person grows up to be a healthy, well rounded human so the time has come to widen those culinary horizons before she resorts to only eating yogurt and licking butter of crackers! 

When D went through a similar phase we bought the I can cook cookbook and started to let her help in preparing her own meals so I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and allow little legs to do the same. 

I thought to avoid disappointment for both parties we'd start simple and opted for an oven baked sausage pasta. Pasta and roast dinners are a favourite in our house but I thought starting with something she might potentially not enjoy could having us falling at the first hurdle. F loved it, followed instructions perfectly and was super proud of making her own dinner. 

End result was actually pretty tasty and almost all was consumed which I'll take as a win. 

She even did her own washing up, Now I just need to train teach her to pop herself to bed and pour me a G&T before she goes! 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Bonfire breadstick sparklers

I love fireworks night and this year is the first where the little humans are feeling excited as well (although I fear Freya's excitement may be short lived when she actually hears them but I'm staying optimistic) 

We've ben doing lots of fireworks arts and crafts but through we'd try a bit of firework cooking - these sparkler breadsticks were a brilliant place to start, super easy and super messy!

It's simply breadsticks dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with whatever sparkles, sprinkles and stars you have - pop in the fridge and you're done!


I've said it before and I will no doubt say it again, I bloody love Autumn!

Walks, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkins, Fireworks, Birthdays and the festive promise of Christmas - perfect!

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