Wednesday, 9 July 2014

29 Week Bump Update

I can't actually believe I'm writing this, it doesn't seem like five minutes since I found out I was pregnant again and here I am third trimester, home stretch and 3 months from our little family of three becoming a chaotic family of four! 

After a second trimester which bought us some ups and downs I am now feeling very very pregnant and dare I say enjoying it! Bump is definitely there now and growing on target and the little bubbles and bumps have become full on kicks and jabs. I'm even coping with the heat although I really wouldn't say no to a bit more sleep at night. As someone who normally sleeps on their front trying to get comfortable on my side in this heat is tricky to say the least

I have however started to feel a tiny twinge of sadness as the last couple of months loom. We had always intended to have 2 children which essentially means this might be my last pregnancy. With working full time, commuting into London and looking after a toddler I'm finding that I don't always have time to appreciate being pregnant and that fear that it will all be over soon and I'll never have a baby bump again is getting more and more real. Yes it has been tougher this time and I can't wait to see my beautiful little lady but it will be bittersweet as I realise it may be the last one.

Unless I can convince Mr R that he'd hardly notice another one once we have 2. 


  1. I remember that sadness well and even until T was a year I had regular pangs of sadness at never having another but now, now that things are easier and the babies are older and so great together I know that our family is complete. I'll still be sad every so often but I think that's natural x

  2. You look fab!! :) Hope you are feeling well. I have two (twins - a boy and a girl) and both Hubby and I are happy and don't feel as though we want anymore. I am sure it is natural to get broody and feel a little sad when you 'finish' having your family, however think of all the amazing years ahead of you with yours!!!!! x x x x

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