Saturday, 25 October 2014

Milton Cold Water Steriliser

For those of you you who read my blog you'll know I've been experiencing a few bumps in the road to blissful breast feeding as a result of my daughters tongue tie. We're making slow progress but along the way decided to express some milk to allow my husband to offer F a bottle every now and then to give me (and my poor battered boobs) a break. 

I hadn't bought any bottle set prior to having F so the decision resulted in a quick shopping trip for bottles, pumps and sterilisers. With my first daughter I opted for the pretty standard microwave steriliser which was fine but this time round I did a bit more research and decided to go for a traditional cold water steriliser from Milton.

We don't sterilise much, just the pump and the odd bottle but what I love about the Milton Steriliser is just how hassle free it is. You fill it up, pop in a tablet and the water is sterile for 24 hours, it takes 15 mins to sterilise the bottles, pump etc and you can simply add and remove items as you need to in that 24 hours. The container is big enough to take 6 bottles but is compact enough to have on the kitchen side (and we don't have a very big kitchen) 

I love the fact that you can also add dummies, toys etc and again in 15 mins their sterile. 

We've been using it about a week now and I just can't see the attraction of the new electric / microwave in preference to the cold water options. The set up cost less than £20 with enough tables to last a couple of months, got me it's a no brainer and I wish I'd known about them with my first daughter. 

Having discovered the Milton cold water steriliser I've seen they now also have portable versions for bottles and dummies which look amazing. 

I wasn't asked to write this review and I paid for my Milton products but wanted to share what I felt was a good value product that is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin - just what every busy mum needs! 


  1. I've never seen this before but what a fantastic idea! I breastfed and expressed at times and this would have made life so much easier! x

  2. We use Milton so more easier and you dont get burnt they use it in scbu as its the best form of sterilasation. Enjoy your little baby mine is 1 in 2 weeks goes by far too fast!

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