Friday, 26 August 2016

Just left my job...........

I'm sat on a train from Euston on my last day commuting to London, and I'm feeling it all - sad, anxious, excited.... After 10 years working for the same university in central London I've left my job to start up as A self employed childminder.

After having the girls work felt completely different, I still loved my job and I feel privileged to have worked in a job where despite the frustrations there are days when you leave feeling like you have made a genuine difference to someone's life but I really started to feel torn. 

After having the girls I realised what I really wanted was to be working within the early years sector, I loved watching my own girls learn and develop and to be honest was continually astounded by how amazing these little people are - the extent to which young children can learn, grown and understand the world around them is inspirational and to be able to be part of that learning and to encourage and be part of that progress is a real privilege 

It hasn't been an easy process, undertaking the training with a 1 and 4 year plus a job in London is a challenge in itself. I'm experiencing massive delays with my local police force for my DBS clearance and Ofsted's own registration process takes forever. That and the fact that every step and stage of the training and registration costs a small fortune but I will get there!

It's so disappointing that the process is so time consuming, as someone who has used childminders there is a real need out for good quality, reliable and flexible childcare there yet it seems like there are constant obstacles in the way of those trying to set up.

So all of this means that sadly I wont be able to get working as soon as I want and Poor Mr R will be working his butt off to keep us afloat but it'll be worth it. Seeing how happy my big girl is to have her mummy at home with her is a very big reminder of why I'm doing this and what we can gain as a family as a result. 
I have no doubt a bit of me will miss London, miss the little bit of child free time I get when working, not to mention the regular salary but there is a much bigger adventure ahead for me and my Girlies and can't wait!


  1. I am so excited for you and this next chapter in your lives. It will be nice to spend more time at home whilst the girls are young x

  2. Best of luck with your next adventure :) I hope things start moving faster so you can settle into what you really want to do x

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