Monday, 24 February 2014

The Day I became the Dummy Fairy (Part two)

I'd actually intended to write this post sooner, but if I'm absolutely honest I've been holding off, hoping for a break through. I wanted to report that the Dummy Fairy is the perfect solution to weaning toddlers off dummies and talk of how wonderful it is to be getting a full nights sleep. 

The reality however is a little less magical. For those who haven't read my previous post, The dummy Fairy visited Daisy almost a week ago and magically swapped her Dummies for some lovely gifts. Daisy  was fully on board and still loves to talk about how the Dummies are now with the babies as she's a big girl so I thought we were onto a winner, despite her loving her Numnums. On the first night she didn't ask for them at bedtime and other than taking longer to settle went to sleep with no problems - success? 

Not quite, The rest of the night wasn't so easy, Daisy woke several times looking for her Dummies and got really upset when she couldn't find them, the dummy fairy explanation of earlier in the day doesn't work so well on a tired, upset toddler at 1pm and She ended up in our bed with me wondering whether she just wasn't ready to give them up yet.

The next few nights were much the same, fine at bedtime but tears and upset during the night. We were both getting exhausted and I vowed to give it a week before deciding what to do. Last night was a mini break through, Daisy slept through to 5.30am and although she woke a couple of times was able to self settle, I'm not getting excited yet but it felt like a step in the right direction. We'll see how tonight goes......

For me the jury's still out on whether the Dummy Fairy idea has been a success. I'm starting to wonder if at just over 2 she's a little young to understand and whether she actually just still needs that bit of comfort at night. I've never been against Dummies and she only needs then during the night so personally, despite the inevitable 'no don't do it's' I have no problem with taking a step back if she's not ready yet - like everything I'm always keen to take Daisy's lead where possible. 

So here it is, my story, not a success story and not a failure - But I reckon there's a few more twists in the tale yet!


  1. I love your blog Becky! My little boy is 3 in May and still has a dummy for night and naps.I dont really mind but know i have to remove it at some point! Before his first girlfriend hopefully! Lovely reading an honest account of someone braver than me doing it! Well done..and well done Daisy x

  2. Thanks Lizzie, it's still a work in progress believe me! Hope you're all well, I love seeing photos little Henry and Alice on Instagram. X

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