Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bye Bye Nappies, Hello Potty!

We've unintentionally started potty training D this week on a casual basis and being at home for 4 full days over Easter we decided to go for it and have her in knickers as much as possible. 

I have to say I've been really impressed with how well she's got on, yes if course we've had accidents but on the whole I'm feeling pretty confident about her weeing in the potty at least. We still have a bit of work to do with poos but I've been told this can take longer so we're trying really hard to make sure D doesn't feel any pressure. 

I think having not really planned to start yet means we've been able to be really relaxed about the whole potty thing, we're not allowing ourselves to have unrealistic expectations of D and hopefully she's not feeling too stressed either. I know training can be a super stressful time for toddlers and too much pressure can actually be detrimental so we're definitely going for a 'never mind, next time in the potty' attitude and it seems to be working - Dissspointingly D seems pretty non plussed by the whole thing while I'm dancing around the house doing the wee wee / poopy dance ! 

I think part of the success has also been in finding a potty D is comfortable with - she's a big girl and pretty tall so was finding some of the basic style potties uncomfortable. Just before starting we bought a Baby Bjorn potty chair and we're super pleased with it, the size is great and I can see she's sitting comfortably on it. The seat has a removable potty which Daisy loves as she can pour her wee into the toilet herself and flush it away. From my point of view it's really easy to clean as well. The potty isn't the cheapest on the market at £20 - 25 but I can see it lasting and we intentionally bought a neutral colour so it can be used for the next baby. 

I didn't want this post to be 'hurrah we've cracked potty training' post because it's far too early for that but as a proud mummy I couldn't resist blogging about how well she's doing so far. Let's hope it's won't be long till that 'we've cracked it' post! 


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