Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Baby and Toddler show, Bluewater

We were lucky enough recently to win a couple of tickets to the Baby and Toddler show in Bluewater so decided it would be a great day out as well as give us a chance to browse (buy, definitely buy) some bits for the new bub. 

We weren't disappointed, Bluewater was super easy to get to, had free parking and great facilities both within the venue and Bluewater itself. I loved the family Toilets with a mini one for toddlers, great for Ds first trip out Nappy free.

We arrived nice and early and it wasn't too busy at that stage so we had a chance to have a nosey round and chat to people without feeling rushed. I had a couple of things on my wish list and managed to get both. 

Ever since discovering them I've had my eye on a Shnuggle Moses basket and got a fantastic deal on a bundle including the basket, stand, sheets and baby bath. If you've not seen them, check out their website, a great adaptation and in my humble opinion improvement on the traditional wicker basket. I can't comment on how well the bub takes to it yet but I have high hopes! 

I also wanted to use the day to look at wrap options for the new bub. I have a Beco carrier which I absolutely love but I really wanted something a bit snugglier for a newborn. I had a look at the Ergo wrap and really loved it but ended up buying the Close Caboo organic wrap. I was swayed by the beautiful soft material and thought the pre wrapped design was just that bit easier to manage than the standard wrap, particularly for Mr R. The good thing about shows like this is you get to try things out before you buy so I know I've made the right decision and can't wait to try it out - why does it take so long to grow a human!!!

As I mentioned we're currently in the process of potty training D and this was her first day trip out nappy free. Although we hadn't planned to we also picked up a toddler toilet seat and step from Pourty. D has been a little unsure of big toilets up to now but absolutely loved this one so we couldn't resist it. I plan to do a review of the seat and step pretty soon so watch this space!

After all that shopping we headed for some food and thankfully the show was so well placed there were plenty of options just outside. All in all a great day and lots of bargains found! My advice however would be to arrive early if you can as it was a lot more crowded when we left and was much harder to check out all the stands. 


  1. Sounds like you had a gerat day out - I love the Caboo colour you chose! x

  2. We did! The colour choice was Mr Rs, I normally play it safe but love the blue.

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