Wednesday, 11 June 2014

25 Week Bump Update

It's been a while since I did a Bump update but after the ups and downs of the 20 week scan things feel like they are settling down and at over 6 months were on the home straight now. 

Baby Pip is finally moving quite a bit but with having an Anterior Placenta I'm not feeling her kicks as much as I did with D at this time but I've come to accept that's just how things are this time round, hopefully I'll start to feel them more as she gets bigger but even the little pops and bumps are amazing and so so reassuring that she's doing okay. 

Thankfully I'm also starting to feel a bit more like myself and despite the occasional bout of morning sickness I'm really enjoying the pregnancy now, I've started going to Pilates once a week and have more energy than I've had for weeks. That said I still feel like an 80 year when I have to climb the stairs but you can't have it all! 

So here we are, bump growing, almost glowing and thoroughly looking forward to meeting my little girl. 


  1. 25 weeks!! That's huge! Not long to go now at all :) x

    1. I know, not sure how I'm going to cope in this hot weather, I'm melting!

  2. Looking beautiful! I recommend coping with the hot weather by putting your feet up and having Mr. R. bring you lots of yummy food and cool drinks ;-) x

  3. Lovely bump! I'm 26 weeks today and must admit that - despite the tiredness - I feel better than I have done throughout this entire pregnancy. I think they call it the middle lull period before things get tough again as baby gets bigger! I also think Stannah stair lifts should be mandatory for all pregnant women. Unfortunately for me my husband met my suggestions we invest in one with derision and a huge laugh in my face. Sob. I can dream though. Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub! x

  4. What a lovely bump :) I don't feel many movements either and I guess I will find out at my scan tomorrow where that placenta is. Glad things are settling for you now too, I am also doing Pilates and loving it! x x

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