Saturday, 21 June 2014

Carbis Bay, The Traditional British Summer Holiday

We've just got back from our Summer Hols with Mr Rs parents in (very) sunny St Ives and couldn't resist a little share as I truly believe if you've not been you really should as it's without doubt one of the prettiest places I've ever been.

We stayed in a cottage belonging to the Carbis bay hotel which gave us the perfect combination of having our own space with the luxury of the hotels facilities. The hotel is highly recommended, family friendly with heated outdoor pool, fab spa with views across the whole bay. 

The beach at Carbis bay is truly beautiful, touquois sea, golden sands and nestled between the cliffs is lovely and sheltered.

D LOVED the beach, she would have easily spent the week in the 'massive sand pit' after the pitiful sobs when we told her we would be leaving I feel like we definitely have to return! 

At 6 months pregnant the hills in both Carbis Bay and St Ives were a challenge, particularly as D has a habit of having 'tired legs' at the moment but I made up for it with lots of relaxing by the pool and a surprise pregnancy massage at the spa from Mr R at the hotel Spa. It wasn't cheap but was without doubt a highlight of the stay.

This was my first visit to St Ives and I'm suitably seduced by the galleries, cobbled streets and beautiful boutique shops. We spent a lovely morning at the Hepworth gallery and Tate, D really enjoyed looking at the art and I was so proud as she wondered around the Tate talking about the colours she could see and telling us which paintings she liked. Admittedly I could have done without the hour long discussion about why Jackson Pollock 'not do painting anymore' but the Art student in me couldn't help but fall for her enthusiasm! 

This will probably be our last holiday as a three and really feel D has enjoyed herself, it was every inch what the traditional English Seaside holiday should be sun, sea, sand, ice creams, picnics on the beach with a bit of sunburn thrown in for good measure! (Mr R I hasten to add)

Sometimes it's all too easy to forget how beautiful this little island of ours can be! 


  1. Oh your photos are just gorgeous. Glad you had such a lovely time! x

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