Friday, 19 September 2014

39 week bump update

It's quite a strange bump update this time round as I'm aware it could well be my last , forever *sob* and it brings such mixed feelings. On one hand I'm getting a tad fed up with being pregnant and just not being able to do the things I want to with D but then again I feel like I should be cherishing these last few days / weeks knowing I may never have another little bump again. 

I had my 38 week appointment last week and all seems well I'm measuring at 36 weeks so a tad small but the midwife didn't seem concerned. That said it doesn't stop everyone I speak to telling me how tiny my bump is and inducing a bout of that familiar pregnancy paranoia that something is wrong. 

Yes I'll admit my bump is smaller than last time but I think generally I'm smaller than last time. First time round Maternity leave was three weeks of iced buns, lazing in bed till noon and as Mr R loves to remind me often 2 dinners when the mood took me. I wasn't huge but I definitely had that rounded pregnancy face. This time round I barely have a moment to sit down, I'm eating with D so trying to keep things healthy and as for a lie in till noon - I wish! So I just seem to be a bump and little else, that said I really don't feel like it's a small bump either! 

The one thing I am struggling with is sleep, it's been hard all the way through but now it's virtually impossible, I'm also getting sciatica if I do too much in the day (how much is too much when you've got a toddler?) which is a serious pain in the arse (literally!)

Am I ready for the baby? well yes I guess I am, I've not really had the time to get ready but I have a cot, clothes, nappies and boobs - what else does she need in those first few days!?

So Pip, as much as I've loved our 9 months together let's meet, there's someone very special out here who can't wait to see you.......


  1. Aw that last photo is SO cute! I'm also at the end and half not quite believing that there will be a baby here very soon. You're so right about the difference between maternity leave second time around. At this point in my first pregnancy with my daughter I felt SO ready to have her. In the end she arrived at 41 weeks + 5 days so I had a long wait, but I remember it stretching on forever. This time though, I've hardly had a moment to stop and think and am relishing some time to myself in the days now F has started school. It makes me far more relaxed about bump's arrival - whenever that may be! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub - here's hoping the next update will be a baby one! x

  2. Beautiful post and I cannot wait for your birth announcement! Two of my close friends have had babies this weeks - both girls! Girls everywhere :) x

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