Thursday, 25 September 2014

40 Week Bump Update

So after hoping that my last update would be the final one here I am on the day my baby is due with my 40 week bump update.........

I visited the midwife yesterday and despite still having the odd 'small bump' comment recently I was slightly shocked to find out bump is bang on at 39.5 and I've managed to pile on 4kgs! Looks like I might need to lay off the biscuits now I'm on maternity leave and not rushing around as much! Whether I look small or not it's very clear that this definitely isn't a small baby and the longer she's cooking the bigger she'll get - lord help me! 

Despite running out of space and regularly subjecting me to some pretty impressive rib kicks, it also seems Pip is positioned really well so looks like I might be able to avoid another back to back delivery after all. 

I'm also hoping to use a tens machine as much as possible for the pain this time round and have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try one out from Mama Tens. I'm really hoping to feel more in control this time round after a bit of a whirlwind with Daisy. 

Bump aside life is still pretty busy with Daisy starting pre school (sadly causing quite a few tears from both of us) and us both getting used to being at home all day together. It's been harder and harder lately as I just can't do the things she wants to anymore - Horsey rides and soft play are tricky when you are the size of a small hippo. 

So the next couple of weeks are project avoid induction, I intend to walk as much as possible and bounce on the birthing ball whenever I can. I'm not really a massive believer in the usual old wives tales for bringing on labour but I'm sure it was a long walk that got things moving with Daisy. Fingers crossed it'll do the trick this time round. 


  1. Good luck! We tried all of the methods of getting your baby out from long walks to a curry to... well you know (cos that's exactly what you feel like at nine months and a bit preggers!!) But to no avail and he was 15 days overdue! Hope it all goes well!

  2. Oh I wanted this to be a birth announcement! So sorry that D isn't loving preschool yet. LP cried and screamed for the first week and now high fives on the way in. I hope that the last of your pregnancy, the birth and D's schooling goes smoothly xx


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