Sunday, 27 March 2016

Little Pip is 18 Months old

Miss Freya Pearl

You're 18 months old today and I thought I'd take the chance to mark you officially becoming a mini person and sob quietly that you're not my tiny baby anymore

When i found out we were having another girl,I just presumed we'd have a mini version of D but I couldn't have been more wrong, you're Freya and although you couldn't be more different from your big sister together you're both pretty perfect!

you are so lucky have D as your big sister, she loves you so so much and she's going to no doubt bail you out of trouble for the rest of your life, she'll be the one holding the window open for you to sneak through when you come home late, she'll be getting you out of trouble, covering up for you - She'll have you're back no matter what. D loves being your big sister, she's flourished in the role and you've given her so much confidence watching how she plays with and looks after you is the best thing in the world

You on the other hand are cheekiness personified, you have a huge, fearless, funny character. You drive D crazy sometimes, you want everything she has, won't cuddle when she wants to, will definitely cuddle when she doesn't! But its so clear you simply adore her and I hope you'll be best friends forever.

I'm so proud of you every single day and I love watching the little person you are becoming.

You are funny, love attention and can be a stubborn, independent little lady when you want to

Your favourite place is the swings and you will sing and dance until you fall asleep (literally)

You love books and drawing and baby Jake and Igglepiggle are your current heroes

You LOVE cake especially chocolate cake and will eat spaghetti Bol every day of the week!

You stand on everything, climb on the unclimbable and it is an absolute miracle we haven't had any visits to A&E yet!

You're becoming so so clever, you can say so much and I know you understand so much more. I was going to list your words but you can say so much now it would go on forever!

You're amazing, you make me laugh constantly and I really do love you more than chocolate!

Happy 1.5 birthday Baby Pip


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