Wednesday, 2 March 2016

So, we got gazumped.... and the rest........

To the scumbag who committed to us buying your home and then went and exchanged with another buyer did you realise or care.......

We have 2 young children

We work bloody hard to make ends meet and have put everything we have financially into buying this house

We started to plan a future there for our children and shared our exciting plans with our equally as excited children.

We were looking forward to an exciting year building our forever home.

We've already spent thousands on fees, surveys and solicitor costs

I used to see the positive in people and believed most people were essentially good but now I'll forever be wary and sadly consider everyone's greed and self centredness before seeing the good 

And most importantly, you made my 4 year old cry - You're a dick

I'm no housing expert or indeed conveyancing solicitor but it's worth knowing that in England Gazumping is very much a thing and perfectly legal - in a sellers market its often used to put buyers up against each other to get the best deal. However what isn't ok is what happened to us - our seller's solicitor issued 2 contracts and placed us in a contract race without us being made aware. Contract races, where 2 buyers literally race to exchange first, (although clearly bonkers) are legal but each party needs to be aware and in agreement which wasn't the case for us. Don't worry it's being pursued by our solicitor.........


  1. This happened when we were buying our first home and I was devastated. So much worse when you have a family to think about. I hope you find somewhere even better and that you haven't lost too much money x


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