Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kiddicare Hayes - A Review

I was recently invited to attend a blogger event at Kiddicare Hayes. Being my first event I wasn't sure what to expect and secretly was a little nervous but I clearly had no reason to be. Jennie and the Kiddicare team were fantastic hosts and I met some wonderful fellow bloggers and their gorgeous littles ones - all in all I felt very, very welcome.

As you walk through the main entrance the first thing thats hits you is the size, this place is huge - with buggies, car seats and highchairs from ceiling to floor, on size alone it should and normally would, have been completely overwhelming but Kiddicare have cleverly managed to keep a sense of space and calm. Each area is individually laid out and intuitively sign posted to ensure you can find exactly what you need with minimum bother and the aisles are plenty wide enough for even the largest double buggies. The branding and store decor make an instant impact, being married to a graphic designer I tend to be on the look out for those important little touches and Kiddicare Hayes is full of them; from the fabulous height charts in the toilets (Daisy is as tall as a Shetland Pony by the way) to the quite frankly brilliant bib bunting!

As with most trips these days the toilets were our first point of call. I loved the fact that the baby changing area was unisex - finally a store had recognised it's not only mums who change their babies nappies! Daisy was particularly fond of the owls hanging above the changing mats and had a lovely chat with one enabling a rare wriggle-free change. The toilets themselves are perfect for mum and little one, all the cubicles are spacious enough to take the buggy in with you, the doors open outwards so there's no need to limbo under the buggy handles to close the door behind you and inside each one had a mummy and toddler sized loo. Outside there are lots of sinks including one at toddler height which Daisy loved (what toddler doesn’t love playing in water), my only gripe would be that she found the water a little too hot.

What’s fantastic about the store is that there is so much stock for you to try, online shopping is becoming so popular and can be a lifesaver with a little one, but nothing beats getting out and trying a product before you buy it. I loved the buggy testing area, with a cute little track to road test the latest designs and the car seat section which offers so much help to ensure you get the best option for you and your child (plus a very handy queuing system where you can leave your mobile number and get at text when it's your turn to be seen). There’s also an area where the little ones can try out larger toys like cars and bikes, again a brilliant idea as we currently have a very beautiful wooden Vespa collecting dust which I wish Daisy could have tested before buying!

Little did I know that Daisy is also a fan of the try before you buy theory and wasted no time tucking herself into one of the toddler beds. Normally I’d be concerned that a member of staff would ask her to get off but it couldn't be more different here. The staff member nearby was so relaxed, encouraging her to try out the other beds and asking her which colour she liked most – it was so refreshing for Daisy for be normal inquisitive toddler without fear of embarrassment or disapproving stares!

Now food is important to the Robinson Girls and we were far from disappointed. The cafe was clean and bright with highchairs at every table and a fab little play area to keep the little ones amused. There was a great selection of food on offer and it was fantastic to see lots of healthy options for the kids and at the very reasonable price of £3 for a children's box. Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere in the store, but mums are also treated to a lovely comfy area to feed should they wish to take a few minutes to relax with their little ones.

The community activity room was a real surprise feature and one which I think really sets Kiddicare aside from other similar stores. It offers classes for mums to be, babies and toddlers - we had a taster session from Dinky Dancers, which despite being nap time Daisy LOVED! (we even had a few tears at the end).

I think it’s clear from the sheer length of this review that I loved the new store, we took advantage and bought some clothes from the gorgeous Nutmeg range and an incredibly cute tortoise potty. All in all the store offered everything a parent needs plus lots more. Kiddicare have really thought about their customers and it shows, the attention to detail is fab, the products great quality at affordable prices and the staff friendly and on hand to help - I think they're on to a winner!

The only negative is I now want to head back again as I have a shopping list as long as my arm!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the store as guests of Kiddicare and received lunch and a goodie bag. All opinion are my own.


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