Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Daisy is a big ball of energy at the moment and being pretty tired after her holiday its a potent mix! However with the bank holiday blessing us with a day of rain a day of indoor activities was needed.

Here's what we got up to...

Baking Brownies. As you know baking is always a winner in the Robinson Household so we started with some Brownies. Daisy's grandparents had bought a Brownie mix back from a recent trip to Yellow Stone park so I took advantage of the cheat and got Daisy baking. As always the biggest challenge is getting the mixture in the oven before D eats it all!

Potato Painting. To start with the mere mention of painting with potatoes got D giggling and she loves a paint so soon got into the swing of it. I remember my mum cutting shapes into potatoes for printing and thought D would love it too - she did!

Playing with the trainset. Daisy is still very much in love with her Bigjigs trainset her Grandad treated her to at the National Railway Museum whilst on holiday, so we all spent some tummy time on the floor playing trains and 'nee naws'.

Dancing with Dad. What better way to end the day than dancing with daddy while mummy cooks dinner and indulges in a well deserved glass of wine!

Even rainy days can be good days.


  1. I remember those days of baking with Kris and yep potato paintings the fun we had, seems like a million years ago now, enjoy every precious moment with your little darling as they grow up so very quick. Love you all xxx


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