Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bedtimes, Mr Moon and the Dark

There's been a tired haze hanging over the Robinson household recently as Daisy has unfortunately starting waking in the night again. At first we put it down to a bit of separation anxiety (as I've previously blogged, Daisy has had the occasional Velcro baby moment) but when she also started getting upset when we put her to bed (previously unheard of) we realised this could be trickier than we thought.

A few nights back she awoke at 4am(ish) and I heard a very sad little voice cry 'mummy I don't like it' and it dawned on me she might be getting a bit scared of the dark. However with a little lamp on and the obligitory mummy in the room, she'd happily fall back to sleep and stay that way till morning.

So today we took a little trip to the lovely Jojo Maman Bebe in town for a toddler friendly nightlight. We went for the Celeste and Moon nightlight and Daisy chose the moon design, as she's recently discovered the moon and it's become her latest obsession. 

So we got Mr Moon home, tried him out in the bathroom and had a little chat about how he will be Daisy's friend at night if it's dark. Daddy was also dragged into the bathroom to be shown Mr Moon in all his illuminous glory as Daisy proudly announced she's not scared of the dark.

Last night was the first real test and it went really well, we had Mr Moon on while she fell asleep and we turned him off to save some power until we went to bed later on. Despite a couple of wake ups where she put herself back down she had a fantastic night. In fact I found myself lying in bed at 7am this morning with both Daisy and Mr R fast asleep. Whether it was down to Mr Moon or not is yet to be seen but so far so good.

The nightlight is perfect for toddlers, it seems pretty hard wearing and the light itself is nice and gentle. You can choose to have a changing colour sequence or just one shade. The casing doesn't get hot and it's easy for Daisy to turn on and off so she can take him into bed with her if she wants to during the night. Mr Moon also has a handy hooped design so he's easy to hold and carry about.&nbsp There are no batteries as it's charged by a separate unit and it lasts the night through so we can simply pop it on charge during the day.

I don't expect miracles and I'm sure there's still plenty of sleepless nights ahead but I do feel Mr Moon has given D a little comfort and hopefully banished some of those nighttime woes. 


  1. This is a beautiful night light. We currently have a touch lamp in Cameron's room but I think he could do with something like this.

    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

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