Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nappy Kind Boutique Leg Warmers

I recently received a very pretty pair of Aster Twist Huggalugs leg warmers from the people at Nappy Kind Baby Boutique as always when I get new clothing for Daisy I couldn’t wait for her to try them on. 

I was a little concerned about whether they would be too hot with the recent mild weather but as things took a turn for the worse over the weekend with the build up to Storm St Jude we had the perfect opportunity to give them a little outing.

Daisy wears tights with shorts and leggings a lot so I thought the leg warmers would be perfect to add an extra layer to these, plus getting Daisy to wear anything other than frilly knickers is a bit of task some days but she loved the leg warmers. They are lovely and colourful and plenty long enough (Daisy is fairly tall for her age) best of all they stayed up so no saggy knees issues!

Like most mums I don’t have time to be sorting washing into delicates and the like so the fact that these kept their shape and colour in the first wash is great, hopefully that wont change in future washes. My only criticism is one of the leg warmers snagged slightly after the first day which is disappointing but I was relieved to see that they had protected Daisy’s tights while she played.

I’m planning on embarking on the crazy journey of potty training next year so will be looking forward to using these to keep Daisy a little warmer while she runs about in her undies.  I can also see how useful they would be for a crawling baby to protect their knees especially on wooden floors like we have or just to add a bit of warmth in the summer when wearing dresses and shorts.

On the whole I think the leg warmers are a great idea, fun, stylish and really versatile. Have a look at the website, they come in various sizes with some great designs for boys and girls and at the moment there are some fantastic bargains as well. 



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