Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Buzzy Babies Feeding Book :
A Review

I have been lucky enough to be sent one of the lovely Buzzy Babies feeding books and even though my nursing and weaning days are over for now, I couldn't wait to review it.

The book has an irresistible vintage charm with a hand drawn cover and reminds me a little of story books from my own childhood. Inside there are charts for recording babies feeds, weaning info, gifts and some very handy notes pages where you can record medication or development milestones. The layout inside is beautiful and I can see it would be so easy to use even if you're scribbling down notes with a baby on one arm and a toddler hanging from your trouser leg. There's also a handy little pocket at the end of the book for keeping loose papers in.

I'm sure we can recall those missing weeks when we first bought our babies home, finding random items in the fridge and leaving the house in our PJs. This book is the perfect solution for remembering the important stuff. I had a scruffy slip of paper stuck to the fridge where I would try to note down Daisy's feeds as at the time I didn't know anything like this existed but would have been all over it if I did.

I also love the weaning section. We did Baby Led Weaning with Daisy and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The Buzzy Babies feeding book not only allows you to record the foods baby has tried listing any allergies, likes and dislikes but also serves as a wonderful memory of such an important time in your little one's life, I can imagine adding photos to this section to act as a little diary for when Daisy is older. On a more serious note I can also see how the book would be fantastic for parents who for medical reasons are required to keep a note of feeds, weaning or medication.

All in all I think the feeding journal is great, It would make a fantastic and unique gift for a new mum as well as a treasured keepsake for when your little on grows up, you can even choose to have it gift wrapped for you. To be honest I can't wait to have the opportunity to use it in practice and that's not an announcement in case you're wondering and when that time comes I promise a follow up review.

Disclaimer - I was sent a journal for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own.


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