Thursday, 14 November 2013

Preparing your Toddler for Childcare: guest Post

Daisy was just a wee babe when she started childcare at 10 months old *sob*, she had passed through a period of pretty severe separation anxiety and had emerged a chilled out, easy-going little lady. We decided to opt for a childminder for Daisy and in the early days didn’t feel we needed to do too much to prepare her for going. We had some settling in time and I would hover in a nearby cafe trying to convince myself I was enjoying the freedom but otherwise she seemed to accept the change with very little concern. When the dreaded day came and she went full time she happily disappeared into the house, while I on the other hand was a mess, crying all the way to work clutching my mobile 'just in case'…

I have been asked to write a guest post for Shona and Cecile at Wriggly Rascals about preparing your toddler for childcare and if you have read my blog you will know it’s a topic close to my heart, you can read the full post here

About Wriggly Rascals

Wriggly Rascals was set up by Shona Motherwell, a frustrated mum of twins Mhairi and Archie to get mums together to share pregnancy, baby and toddler advice via quick surveys to get the facts about what other mums do. Our mums pass on loads of great tips to mums who have asked for help. If you would like some advice, get in touch at

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