Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas with a two year old

This is my third Christmas as a parent and I can whole hearted lay say it's been the best yet. The first was a crazy, exhausting time enjoying those fuzzy first few weeks as a new mum, the second was great but at just 1 and not yet walking or talking much D didn't really know what was happening but this year was amazing fun.

I spent Christmas with a 2 year old and it's been Special, funny, exhausting and pretty much everything in between! D has really embraced Christmas this year, she loves the lights, the 'pretties' and has counted every day waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. She's been able to wrap (and open!) her own presents, sternly warning everyone 'not touch presents till Christmas day' And she's loved being around her family, being centre of attention and keeping us all entertained with those amazing little things that only a 2 year old can!

Here's a few of our Crimbo highlights.

Decorating her first Yule Log

The Many renditions of Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer

Sprinkling Reindeer dust in the front garden and watching my brother try to throw a carrot on the roof and get it to stay there. Apparently they can't come inside they stay on the roof (seems logical)

D waking us up by reporting 'Father Christmas left his socks in my cot'

D Discovering hide and seek is the greatest game ever and playing with anyone and everyone  (and perfecting her counting from 1-10)

Visiting her 90 year old Gramps and making everyone smile in the nursing home with her aeroplane Impressions and Dancing

In the words of my little cracker 'Merry Christmas everybody!'


  1. Aww bless. Our little ones are very similar in age. We didn't have the greatest Christmas for a host of reasons, but 've still loved seeing him enjoying everything properly for the first time and chattering and singing his way through it!

  2. Aww sorry things didn't go as planned for you over Christmas but I'm glad your little one could bring you some joy - as my mother would say they're a real tonic!

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