Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years 123

I wrote a New Years resolution post yesterday and forgot to save it, I was going to write it again today but realised I'm not very good at the reflective stuff and even worse at keeping resolutions so instead I have compiled a very short list of hopes for 2014

1) Practical one - Open a joint bank account. After 13 years together and 4 years married we still haven't got round to joining up the finances and quite honestly now Mr has a new job and a pay rise I can't think of a better time to 'share'

2) Hopeful one - Leave work / change work / reduce hours. Any of those would make me happy, I do enjoy my job but I've lost interest to a degree and definitely want to make changes which will allow me to be at home more. I know it won't happen over night but I would love to think my this time next year I won't have that feeling of dread knowing I'm back at work on Monday

3) Little person one - To indulge Daisy Bea! Before you all think I've gone stark raving mad I don't mean in a materialistic way or start letting her get away with behaving like a feral imp, it just dawned on me today that she's only going to be 2 for another ten months and I intend to thoroughly enjoy that time with her. Embrace the mess, dance when wants to dance and if she wants to wear a tutu, wellies and a sun hat to Tesco, not only let her, encourage her! She's an amazing little package of fun, energy and love at the moment and I want to embrace every minute of it. 

Happy New Year Everybody!
That is all. 


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