Monday, 19 May 2014

20 Week Scan - Take 2

Those who read my blog on my 20 week scan will know it was a pretty stressful experience and not the wonderful chance to see baby again we had hoped for. The Sonographer struggled all the way through and then told us we had low fluid and would need to be re scanned. It was all very rushed and we were given no explanation or advice as we were ushered out of the room. Stupidly I then consulted Dr Google and panic set in at the range of possible outcomes to having low fluid this early in pregnancy. 

To say it's been a worrying week is an understatement, I've rested as advised by my midwife, drank loads of water and even started drinking coconut water and eating lots of water melon as I read somewhere it can help and today we had our rescan and the experience couldn't have been more different. 

The Sonographer was calm and clearly experienced, confidently told us straight away that the fluid levels are now fine and she can't see any reason to worry. After hearing about our last experience she also went out of her way to re measure baby as well. The results were such a relief, she's gone from below average to bang on target. 

Whether the last scan was wrong or whether a week of drinking gallons of water and resting up has helped I don't know but the main thing is I can start relax again. She (definitely a she this time!) was wriggling around, feet in the air with no idea of the worry she's caused and it couldn't be a more amazing sight. 

We feel like a huge weight has been lifted and can get back to enjoying being pregnant and looking forward to meeting our beautiful little girl. 

(Enjoying a sneaky cake and coffee in the sunshine after the scan before Mr R had to head to work) 

Mother's Always Right


  1. Amazing X X X Lydias 20 wk scan was horrible too...enlarged kidneys and a mass in her tummy, 24 very worried hours (and lots of praying) and a second scan showed totally normal kidneys and no mass X phew X strange thinking that little lady is now 9 months old and fighting with her big brother over toys in the bath and insisting she always feeds her self. ..blissful x enjoy the second half x

  2. I am so, so happy to read this! Yay for everything now being ok. D is going to be an incredible big sister - and having a sister is going to be fantastic for her - I still get pangs that LP will never have a sister :( I loved T's girl name too!! x

  3. I always get SO nervous before a scan so I can imagine what a stressful week it's been. What a lovely scan pic you got - ours was all blurred as baby was moving around too much! I'm totally addicted to Vita Coco water at the moment. Glad to hear the second scan was a better experience - and congratulations! Hurrah for cake too. Thank you so much for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub - hope to see you again next week! x

  4. So, so glad your little girl is well and your second scan was a much better experience for you. It's the most amazing, yet terrifying time isn't it? Thanks for sharing #BlogBumpClub xx

  5. Aww that's such a relief. It all depends upon the sonographer for sure. They have the power to make you feel confident and reassured or really uncertain and desperate. I've had that experience myself in recent weeks. Congrats on another girl. We have two. A recent study says families with two daughters are the happiest. Ha ha. Most dramatic in our case x #blogbumpclub

  6. Oh what a relief! Pregnancy is such a scary time in many ways and the 20 week scan can set a whole new set of emotions in motion too! Glad all was well on the 2nd take and congrats on having a girl!
    x x

  7. Hi Becky congrats let the good times roll, the photo of utra scan is great, Hope you are exicted about your little angle.

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