Monday, 26 May 2014

The Natural History Museum, Tring

So for some of us the May bank Holiday sunshine Gods didn't shine today so laying in bed listening to the rain lashing down this morning we had to get our thinking caps on and decide what we could do that a) didn't cost much, b) was inside and c) would entertain a toddler with the concentration span of a millisecond! 

We decided to take a look at the Natural History Museum in Tring, it's only a 20 minute drive from us and looked perfect for a morning out. Arriving pretty soon after it opened we were relieved to see it wasn't too busy yet and surprised to see there was so much to discover. Over several floors the museum has almost every animal you can imagine and D loved running around seeing what she could find. We even had an in depth conversation about what skeletons were and how we all have bones under our skin! 

Alongside the main exhibitions there were some lovely discovery rooms where little hands can indulge their need to touch and there was even a craft activity set up where the kids could make their own imaginary creatures. D was very proud of her efforts and I promise Mummy and Daddy didn't help at all (My parents will be thrilled to see my fine art degree hasn't gone to waste!)

All in all we loved the Museum and would definitely be returning, the only let down for me was the cafe as it was really small and with lots of buggies and children, far too overcrowded so we decided on a pub lunch instead.

We definitely plan to take D to the Natural History Museum in London now but if you ever find yourselves in the depths of Hertfordshire and looking for a cracking place to visit with the kids, the Tring Museum is a great option and it's free to boot! 


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