Friday, 16 May 2014

'What called his Name'

Over the last few weeks Ds talking has come on leaps and bounds, she's talking in proper sentences and we can have now have little conversations about what's she's been doing in the day. Admittedly these still involve the question 'why' at least 3000 times but they're conversations nevertheless.

However at just 2.5 we are still getting lots of muddled words and 'Daisyisms' all of which either have us stuffing our fists in our mouths desperate not to laugh at her or melting with big snoggy love! 

I'm well aware that as she gets older these little quirks in her language will start to disappear so wanted to have a little memory of them somewhere - I'm sure there's lots more but these are the most used! 

What gone daddy? -  Where's Daddy gone?

No please - polite at least if a little muddled

What called his name? Love!

Can't know - don't know

Not yep

What is?

My humby - has to be combined dramatic rubbing of her belly! 

Can we watch super pan - Peter Pan

What for my present me? - What is my present for?


  1. Aw they say the cutest things! LP says most things properly now and I miss her -isms! x

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