Wednesday, 6 August 2014

33 Week Bump Update

I woke up this morning and realised I'm having a baby next month! how did this happen? Okay I know 'how' it happened let's not go there but seriously I'm 33 weeks and I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. 

We also received our final invoice from Daisy's childminder today and it made it so real, from next month I'll be a stay at home mum again with 2 babies!!! I can't wait to have D home with me again but I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty anxious about life with a newborn and a toddler but get I'm sure we'll muddle through it. 

Like most pregnant ladies I am really struggling with the heat at the moment, I've also been getting restless legs in the evening and night which is making sleeping tough. I've found a cold shower helps but I think the only real solution is going to be to meet my little lady! 

I'm also growing Daily at the moment and keep forgetting how big my bump is, particularly when eating - every meal I finish without spilling some on my bump is a success as far as I'm concerned. 

Thankfully the sickness is down to once every couple of weeks now and only when I'm really tired but it has been replaced with raging heartburn, Im guzzling Gaviscon like it's water but in truth it's not working that well. I had the same with Daisy so think I may have to just suck it as one of those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms which I know will eventually go. 

I've got my 34 week appointment coming up and can't wait to hear my baby again, being my 2nd my anti natal appointments are fewer and sometimes it feels like forever between them. I'll no doubt be posting a gushing update and I hope I won't be reporting on any breach or back to back to back babies!Daisy was a back to back birth and it was a tough labour so Im really going to  get to avoid that this time round.

So I feel like I'm on the home straight, finishing work at the end of the month, getting my shop on for baby bits, preparing my hospital bag and mostly loving being pregnant. I just wish I could sleep..........


  1. Beautiful bump! I strangely already miss mine.

  2. Oh your bump is beautiful! x

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