Sunday, 17 August 2014

Coping with a Summer Pregnancy

If you haven't noticed it's been HOT these last couple if weeks and normally I'd be basking in the sun at every opportunity but at 34 weeks pregnant I'm struggling so despite temperatures dropping a little over the last day or so I thought I'd put together my tips on attempting to stay cool when pregnant in the summer. 

1) Take a cold shower before bed. If like me your suffering from restless legs in the evening I've also found this helps settle them enough to get a little bit of sleep. I turn the shower right down to ice cold and blast the backs of my calves, it should be torture but it's heavenly! 

2) Eat Iced anything! If it's frozen I'll eat it. I've developed a mild obsession with decaf iced coffee and behind closed doors I skip the coffee and just munch on a cup of ice. My current favourite snack is frozen peas or ice pops I just can't get enough of either!

3) Dress to stay cool. Shorts never wear but needs must, if you can't get any cut a pair of maternity trousers down. Also try to stick to loose clothing in cotton - this is no weather for skinny jeans!

4) Be a fab mum and buy you children a new paddling pool which will coincidently be big enough for mum to sneak in and cool down. 

5) Ditch the shoes - I'm practically living in my saltwater sandles - they're crazy comfy and the only shoes that don't feel like I'm trying to stuff a hippo in a shoe box!

If all else fails, get naked, dance in the rain stick your head in the freezer whatever it takes! Hopefully cooler times are ahead of us but I would love to hear your tips for coping when pregnant in the summer! 


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