Tuesday, 26 August 2014

About to Become a Stay at Home Mum - To 2! (Help me stay sane!)

Wanted mum friends for play dates, cake, tea and wine! 

Christ on a bike it's just hit me like a big wet kipper across the chops, from the end the month I'm going from working full time to being a stay at home mum to a bonkers toddler and very soon a brand new wriggling, crying, pooing bundle of joy - what was I thinking?

I've accepted it's too late to jump ship on this particularly crazy cruise so I guess I ought to start getting my head around it. 

One of the main things I'm freaking about is keeping my toddler entertained? She's used to busy days with a childminder and lots of other kids, crazying it up at soft play, toddler groups etc. Is she going to be bored with just me and bub? We'll obviously go to these places as well but will she enjoy it as much without the other kiddies in tow? 

D will be starting pre school 2 days a week in September and then 4 in January so I hope that will fill the gap for her socially, and give me a bit of time with the tiny person.

Then there's the baby, when I had D we had no other commitments so I joined baby groups, had lazy lunches in quaint Balham cafés and took long walks in the park. Lazy lunches with a newborn snoozing beside you are one thing but throw an overtired toddler in the mix and somehow my boho vintage tea and cake image doesn't seem quite so idealic 

We've also moved out of London since then and being at work full time I've not really been able to meet other parents so the idea of leaving work, where all the grown ups go and spending my days in a Hertfordshire village with 2 small people, one who poos themselves on an hourly basis and another who currently thinks her bottom is the funniest thing in the world is a tad scary.

I know what I need to do but doing it is a very different matter, I need mum friends! But how on earth do people actually find mum friends without looking like some crazy stalker at the toddler group, I used to talk to grown ups, have actual intelligent conversations so I know I can do it, however I can also sing all the songs from frozen, make princess crowns to due for and name all the Peppa Pig characters - you know you wanna be friends! 

So if you happen to feel the same and have a taste for tea and cakes amidst the chaos of small people feel free to get in touch, you never know I might not be such a crazy stalker after all. 


  1. I am always up for tea and cake! No idea how far from me you are but I would happily come over with my two to somewhere near you for a play date :) x

  2. Sounds like a plan, I'm sure we can find somewhere in the middle!

  3. Oh how I wish I could stay at home with the crazy little lady! Maybe I should have another and join the club????

    1. I won't have been able to without having another one - still not sure what I'll do after maternity leave. Childcare is expensive, not working is expensive!

  4. Staying at home is challenging but it rocks!! You'll be fine, try to get into a routine and if you visit playgroups and groups you'll soon meet people. It is different though, I was a right career woman and now I stay home, play games and cook! Lol ;) x x

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