Saturday, 25 January 2014

January on a budget

So we all expect to feel the financial pinch a little in January, I get paid really early in December so end up with nearly 7 weeks until my next payday. Every year I say I won't start spending it but alashristmas, sales and new year inevitably get in the way.

So here we are a with a week till payday and quite frankly poor! I'm not talking 'send Daisy up the chimneys poor' but definitely no luxuries poor! So a challenge was set, not just to miserably struggle through the next week but to try and make the very most of what we have access to.

Here's a few of my tips

1) Food shopping. We all know meal planning works but I've also realised a lot of what we eat could be used for 2 meals or more if we stretch it a little, for example - Chicken. Buy a large one and use it for a roast, leftovers such as curry and then turn into stock for soup

2) While we're on the subject of soup, you can pretty much use any veg to make a good soup without really spending anything extra! 

3) Add foods to bulk out your usual meals such as mushrooms to spaghetti Bol, beans and lentils to stews and potatoes to curries. 

4) Bake cakes instead of buying snack bars etc for lunch boxes

5) If you don't already, take lunches to work - it'll make a huge difference

6) Despite not being a fan of online shopping I found a deal which gave £15 off a £60 shop so that was instantly and extra £15 to spend and a bit of petrol saved!

7) eBay eBay, eBay! 

8) Use the weekends to catch up on DIY, doesn't cost anything (we already have the paint etc in) and the house looks better. If you do want to get out there's so much to do that doesn't cost anything, walks in the wood, parks, bike rides. 

9) If it's wet or cold, get painting, drawing, building dens or indoor obstacle courses. Believe me your kids aren't going to complain!

I'm not going to say I'm not looking forward to payday, I can't wait to have a bit of free cash again but quite frankly January is depressing enough without adding extra money woes! 


  1. eBay is fab! I won a Ralph Lauren blazer for £15 this week! Best way to perk up those January blues!

  2. Isn't it just and you never feel as guilty!

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