Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Two Year Developmental Check

When I first started my little blog I intended it to be a record of our family and hopefully something we could look back on when Daisy is older so I've tried to record important, interesting and (hopefully) funny events. Well today was Daisy's 2 year check with the health visitor and being the proud mummy I am I thought I'd blog! 

Daisy has been doing really well developmentally from what I can see, she's regularly talking in sentences, asking lots of questions and understanding more and more each day. But I'm her mum and she's my favourite person in the world so I'm obviously going to think she's amazing and to be honest As she's my first I don't have anyone to compare her to. 

So to hear the health visitor tell me how beautifully she speaks and to say its all down to how much we talk and listen to her was really rewarding. We've been winging this parenting lark as most first time parents do and it's great to feel like all our efforts are paying off. 

In case you've not been through the process yourself, prior to the appointment you're asked to complete a questionnaire about what your little one can and can't do, Daisy can honestly do most of the things on the list so I was worried she'd freeze when we got there and I'd be exposed as a fraud. Thankfully though she was a little star and other than a little blip when we had to bribe her to have her height measured she performed wonderfully, chatting away and showing off her skills.

I'm never sure what to expect from these kinds of checks and was fully prepared to fight my corner against the 'she should be out of nappies' and 'there shouldn't be a dummy in sight' (we're working on that one) comments but the health visitor was lovely, supportive and really complimentary of mine and Daisy's relationship - I'm feeling very very happy and very proud right now! 


  1. Sounds like the system is working for you and you have a good feel for what is right for your little one anyway.

  2. It does feel like a lottery doesn't it? you never know what kind of support you are going to get. I think as they get older though it's easier to trust your instincts

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